Local Password Encryption and Cloud-Based Storage

Local Encryption and DecryptionYour information is encrypted on your computer or mobile device, then uploaded to our secure servers for storage. When you need to see your passwords, the encrypted passwords are pulled from our server, then decrypted locally on your device. This local decryption means that neither your passwords nor your Stashword are ever sent over the internet unencrypted. Learn more about Stashword encryption and storage.

Password Sharing

Often, the same set of login credentials are used by multiple people. For example: spouses may want to share access to the same bill-pay service. With Stashword, you can safely share usernames, passwords and notes with other Stashword users. All you need is their email address. When you update a shared password, the updated password information is automatically passed on to all share recipients.

Password Generation

The best passwords are long strings of random characters, but requirements for complexity vary from one website to another. Stashword’s built-in generator makes it easy to create strong passwords that meet any criteria.

Password Backup & Import

Saving all your login credentials to a file for your own safekeeping is easy with Stashword. You can also bulk import your credentials from a backup.

Secure Notes

Attach notes to any password. Your notes are encoded using the same encryption technology as your passwords, and – like your passwords – can be shared with other Stashword users and synced across your devices.