Stashword is a simple, secure digital vault for your passwords and other important information. It’s also the only password you’ll need to memorize ever again.

If you are like most people, you have multiple passwords on different devices. Trying to remember all of these passwords takes effort and time, often resulting in incorrect passwords and complicated password recovery steps – wasting time and limiting quick access to your favorite sites. With Stashword you can quickly and securely access all of your passwords on the go whenever you want.

All you have to remember is one master password, your Stashword. With your secret Stashword, you can access your saved passwords at any time through our secure website, browser extension and mobile apps. Learn more about our products.




Your passwords are encrypted on your device – using your Stashword as a key – with military-grade AES-256 encryption techniques before being saved to our secure servers. Without your Stashword, there’s virtually no way of decrypting your passwords – which means no one ever has access to them – not even us. Learn more about how Stashword works.